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International Sureties issues Customs Bonds for all Activity Codes.

Customs Brokers, agents, and importers often turn here for our large importer bond capabilities.  Bonds in excess of $500,000 are not automatically issued by the marketplace like their smaller $50,000 counterparts, so International Sureties has facilities in place to assist with larger C1 requests.

Our office is happy to respond to any request, and offer solutions. Call, e-mail, or request to be contacted by our lead Customs Bond Specialist.


What type of bond applies to each Activity Code?

AC1      Importer bond

AC1a    Drawback Payments bond

AC2      Custodian of Bonded Merchandise

AC3      International Carrier Bond

AC3a    Instruments of International Traffic

AC4      Foreign Trade Zone

AC5      Public Gauger

AC6      Wool & Fur Products

AC7      Bill of Lading

AC8      Detention of Copyrighted Material

AC9      Neutrality

AC10    Court Costs for Condemned Goods

AC11    Airport Security Bond

AC12    International Trade Commission Exlusion Bond

AC14    In-Bond Export Consolidation Bond (Warehouse Bond)

AC15    Intellectual Property Rights

AC16    Importer Security Filing (ISF)

AC17    Marine Terminal Operator

Is there a set bond amount?

While some bonds have specific bond amounts, most do not.  You should take direction from CBP as to the bond amount.  For AC1 bonds, CBP has a formula for the bond amount and leaves it up to you to decide on the appropriate bond amount.  If you choose an amount too low and later receive an Insufficiency Notice requesting a higher bond amount, then you will have to arrange for a completely new bond at that higher amount as CBP does not simply allow you to increase your current bond.

What types of Customs bonds does International Sureties offer?

International Sureties issues bonds related to ALL activity codes in any amount no matter how large or small.  However, we specialize in International Carrier Bonds (ICB – AC3) and with respect to Activity Code 1, we are best suited to handle requests for bond amounts in excess of $1,000,000.

Does International Sureties issue bonds for foreign companies?

Yes. We have programs in place to assist foreign corporations and are happy to help. The best way to proceed is to reach out to any of our Customs bond specialists.

What type of Customs bond do I need?

CBP will instruct you as to which Activity Code you need.  The amount will vary depending on the type of bond and, if an importer, how much cargo you import throughout the course of the year.

For assistance with Customs Bonds, please contact one of our Logistics Bond specialists:

Jessica Palmeri

Liz Dukes

Conway Marshall

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