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Discuss your bond need with our Court Bond department by calling or e-mailing a Specialist directly – contacts below.  The process is quick and simple to determine qualification, but every case is different so speak with a Specialist to set up the bond and reduce any headaches. 


Case Study

Bob Gregory, a resident of Louisiana, passed away leaving behind a house and some cash. His son, Beau Gregory, is named as the executor in his will. Beau is a resident of Arizona, but his father’s estate is under Louisiana jurisdiction. Since Beau lives out of state, he is required to get a bond to ensure he will manage his father’s estate properly. Once the court determines the bond is no longer needed, a release will be issued to cancel the bond.


Fiduciary bonds

are sometimes required by the court from a person acting in a fiduciary capacity. The bond acts as security to ensure the fiduciary performs their duties in an honest and faithful manor.

Administrator bonds

guarantee the administrator of a deceased person’s estate will distribute the remaining assets of the estate appropriately and not misuse for personal gain.

Conservator bonds

are a fiduciary guarantee required by the court of the person appointed to administer the estate of one who has been declared incompetent.

Executor bonds

guarantee to the heirs that the executor will administer the decedent’s estate according to the will.

Guardian bonds

ensure that the affairs of a minor or incapacitated person are handled properly bythe guardian.

Tutor bonds

ensure the minor’s assets remains properly managed until the minor reaches majority age or the appropriate age required in the case.

Curator bonds

are sometimes required by the court to guarantee the curator performs their duties according to the law.

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