FMCSA BMC-84 Bonds

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International Sureties is a leading provider of BMC-84 bonds.  Our exclusive, high credit program keeps costs down and the process fast and simple.

We will always allow you (and want you) to respond in the event of a claim.

We can also offer terms for owners with less-than-stellar credit with the same application process.  We do not write the BMC-85 nor provide any insurance.

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How do I qualify for a bond?

Qualification is largely based on good credit, industry experience, and length of time in business. The International Sureties FMCSA bond program has streamlined the application process for quick review. All submissions are responded to within one day, but most quotes are given within a few hours.

Contact any of our Logistics bond specialists to discuss.

When in the licensing process should I apply for the bond?

Upon receipt of your MC or FF Number, contact an International Sureties Logistics bond professional to apply.  You are free to reach out beforehand to determine qualification as well, but we cannot file the bond until an MC or FF number has been issued.

Why is the International Sureties program so special?

Two significant factors set the International Sureties bond program apart.  1)  All submissions are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner – speed is critical for your business and ours.  2)  All submissions are reviewed by a qualified underwriter, which is crucial for keeping our program available only to the most credit-worthy qualifiers.  By limiting our program to the best applicants, our claims activity remains limited, so we are able to access premium rates that other operations cannot.

Does the bond pay claims?

 No, the bond functions differently than the trust in that it is not meant to pay claims, but will in the event the principal fails or cannot satisfy qualified claims.  It is meant to be a guarantee that the bond principal (the broker or FF) will timely pay motor carriers and shipper in accordance with its contracts and agreements.

If a claim does arise, you will be notified so that you can settle the claim prior to the surety paying a claim.  It is not in your interest for the surety to pay a claim on your behalf, as the surety will also cancel your bond.

About the FMCSA

 The primary mission of the FMCSA is to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.  The FMCSA also regulates freight brokers and/or certain freight forwarders, which must register and complete their application process accordingly.

Will International Sureties place my bond with a good surety company?

Yes – International Sureties uses specialty surety companies for its FMCSA bonds, and all are reputable and rated A- or higher by S&P and/or AM Best rating agencies.

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