Mortgage Bonds

One of the first NMLS Surety Bond Producers approved to issue electronic surety bonds and mortgage bonds.

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International Sureties has an exclusive bond program for qualified mortgage lenders, brokers, services, loan originators, and related licensees, and the low rates will help you keep down the costs of statutory compliance. Contact one of our bond specialist today. 

Mortgage Bonds

Mortgage Bonds are required by most states and departments of banking as a condition of licensure.  The bonds guarantee that Principals will dutifully perform mortgage commitments, satisfy obligations, and account for any funds received in its capacity as a mortgage licensee.  The bonds run to the State for the benefit of any person injured by wrongful acts, default, fraud or misrepresentation of the Principal.  Bond requirements vary by state, and sometimes by loan volume, and can range from $10,000 to over $500,000.


International Sureties has developed a low-cost bond program available to all qualified mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers, loan originators and related licensees.  We have the ability to quickly place bonds in all 50 States and Territorial jurisdictions, and help you reduce the cost of statutory compliance.


We are one of the first NMLS Surety Bond Producers approved to issue Electronic Surety Bonds.

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