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Companies involved in the transportation of goods can find the bond process to be a small, but critical headache.  Some platforms require the purchase of insurance or other products, while others aren’t sure how to help.

International Sureties has exclusive bond programs for the logistics industry and is able to keep the process simple and easy.

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Logistics Bond Types

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) bonds

 ensure travel agents will comply with their Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) and that all payments collected by the travel agent will be sent to the proper airline company.  The bond is required in order to distribute airline tickets.

Customs bonds

guarantee payment of fines, duties, penalties, etc. as may be due to US Customs and Border Protection under certain circumstances in connection with the importation of dutiable merchandise. 

Freight Forwarder bonds

run in favor of the Federal Maritime Commission to protect consumers and those doing business with the FF from damages suffered as a result of the FF’s shipping-related activities and compliance with the Shipping Act.

Freight Broker bonds, Motor Carrier bonds, FMCSA bonds, BMC-84 bonds

GSA Performance bonds

 are given to the U.S. General Services Administration by government contractors as part of financial security requirements in government contracts.  Should the contractor faithfully perform the terms of the government contract, then the bond is void, otherwise it will remain in effect.

NVOCC bonds

run in favor of the Federal Maritime Commission to protect consumers and those doing business with the NVOCC from damages suffered as a result of the NVOCC’s shipping-related activities and compliance with the Shipping Act.

PrePass/HELP Inc. bonds

guarantee that the principal will pay all tolls and fees associated with the service and comply with all terms and conditions of the service agreement.

Seller of Travel bonds

ensure funds collected by travel agents are transferred to the correct individual or company.  They are common in Florida, California, and Washington.

Stevedore bonds

 guarantee compliance by contracting stevedores with applicable local ordinances in certain Counties/Ports.

United States Army Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC) bonds

are required to ensure performance of US military contracts by companies that participate in the Domestic Freight Carrier Program with the SDDC and are registered as a Transportation Service Provider to transport Department of Defense Freight.

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