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For decades International Sureties has arranged for bonds for Adjusters across the country in all 50 states.  The success has been maintained because of our industry relationships and ability to set the bar in the market for rates and service.  There is no need to look any further – your Public Adjuster bond resource is here.

We remain up-to-date on changes in each state, and are ready to discuss your needs.  Reach out to a bond License & Permit Bond Specialist directly or click ‘Apply Now’ below.


How much does a Public Adjuster Bond cost?

Rates for Public Adjuster Bonds are based on a number of factors including individual credit score and experience in the industry.  Once you complete our simple application, we will quickly get back to you with your rate, which are the lowest in the industry.

Additionally, International Sureties offers multi-year terms with discounts on the premium for the additional years, so our Public Adjuster bonds will save you time and money.  When we quote your bond rates to you, we will offer you the multi-year rates so you can see what works best for you.

What if a claim is made on the bond?

Surety bonds are not the same as liability insurance. They do not protect you or your business, but rather protect your clients.  If you break state laws or act outside the scope of your duties as a Public Adjuster, you can face a claim against your bond.

If your client’s claim is proven, then they can be paid by the Surety for the amount of their claim up to the amount of the bond.  The maximum penal sum of the bond is the largest compensation they can receive; however, you will be required to reimburse the surety for the amount paid and expenses.  You will have the opportunity and it is in your interest to resolve any claims made against your bond.

Why choose International Sureties for my Public Adjuster Bond?

International Sureties is a niche company that specializes in all types of surety bonds.  Our position in the marketplace allows us to offer the most competitive rates in the industry for our clients.  It is the personal relationships with and attention to each client that set us apart from other agencies and is why our clients refer their friends and colleagues here each and every day.

Can I get a Public Adjuster Bond with bad credit?

Fortunately, International Sureties can provide Public Adjuster Bonds to those with bad credit. While the rates are higher than those with a better credit score, we still offer competitive rates.

For assistance with Public Adjuster Bonds, please contact one of our License & Permit Bond specialists:

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