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Attorneys turn to International Sureties for their TRO/Injunction bond needs because there is no time to waste with an ex parte motion.  These bonds can often be issued the same day a request is made with minimal red tape.

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Injunction Bonds Case Study


Steve owns a pool supply company offering everything from toys, to cleaning products, and pool equipment. He has 20 employees and services many residents and hotels in the local market. Last month his chief of commercial sales suddenly left the company while still under contract.  Recently it has become known that he has visited several of his former clients to set up new accounts and solicit business.

After discovering this development, Steve’s attorney reviewed the former employees contract language, which contained a non-compete clause.  The lawyer quickly appeared in court in an ex parte hearing to have an injunction issued to restrain the former employee from contacting any of his former clients; however, the judge required a $5,000 temporary injunction bond to protect the former employee from any damages in the event that the temporary injunction was wrongfully issued.

Thankfully the attorney’s relationship with International Sureties allowed him to almost instantly have the bond filed with the court, and they were able to stop the ex-employee from contacting any further clients until their dispute could be heard in court.

Case Study

Intellectual Property

A&B Chemicals Company, involved in oil field services, has a trademark on its own proprietary blend of composites that lube hydraulic equipment during maintenance of certain large pieces of equipment. A disgruntled employee at a rival company tipped off A&B that their formula was not so secret any more.

After doing some investigating, A&B was able to determine that its trade secrets were hacked and stolen by the rival. A&B’s IP attorneys quickly obtained a temporary injunction to stop the rival from using its products based on the stolen formula until the case was heard. Of course, the judge required a bond, which the well-prepared attorneys were able to arrange in under an hour.

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